Margaritas, Movies, & Melee

TRIGGER WARNING: I enjoy forced intoxication and subsequent consensual nonconsent. There is a lot of that present in this entry:

So, on Thursday I went to visit Daddy. We had nothing planned in particular, but he decided that Mexican food was a thing we should have, so off we went to dinner.

Now, he had been talking about wanting to get me drunk for some time now. Mostly because it turns me into a wanton sex beast, but also because he thought it would be funny. Well, at the restaurant, guess who allowed me to order a pitcher of margaritas…then proceeded to effectively force feed me alcohol?

Mango strawberry margaritas are a dangerous, delicious thing. Needless to say, by the end of our meal I was mostly plastered. At that point he might have had 2 drinks to my 4.. or 5. As I tried my best to walk straight and tall out of the restaurant, stopping every few feet to try and kiss him, he was already on his way to the car with a rather amused grin on his face. When we got to the theater I like to think I seemed mostly okay to the ticket girl. “Two tickets for Ted 2” is what I’m pretty sure I said, though who knows at this point? Unfortunately for us the movie did not start for another hour… so we stole off to the back of the theater near a couch. In the 20 or so minutes we were there I got slapped 3 or 4 times, choked out, had his cock in my mouth and lost my bra. All the while trying to mount him like a succubus in heat.

At some point we…or rather he… decided that we needed a drink. I think he meant a soda, but once we reached the concession stand I was convinced to get a drink from the bar. As I waited for my bright green “Hulk” drink, I spent half the time checking out people in the theater and whispering into his ear which ones I would fuck. When my drink was complete he tried it and ordered one for himself. I think the bartender sensed I was trashed, but at that point I didn’t really care.

With drinks in hand we proceeded to the other side of the building where our theater actually was. I think at some point he spat into my mouth, but the world was a whirly whirly place by then. I remember making my way upstairs to the theater and settling into the super comfy chairs. The theater was empty when we got there and so I begged him to let me suck his cock. At first he resisted, but wouldn’t you know it, somehow his penis made it into my mouth! We had to stop those shenanigans when people started coming in, but the rest of the time was spent with me making confessions of insecurity and lust all throughout the movie. Between that and him making me drink 3/4 of his drink (after mine had mysteriously disappeared into my stomach!) I was a hot ass mess. On top of that, he continued to poke at me with racial things, something that he knows pisses me off to no end… so 1/3 of the way through we left.

The drive home is a blur. I remember being made to finger myself. I think his belt might have been around my neck? At one point I  passed out only to wake up once we had reached his place. I stumbled inside the door, pants falling off because they were unbuttoned. Sir says at that point, completely naked, I said something about needing to go home now, but instead he dragged me upstairs and tossed me on the ground. All I remember is saying, “I have to pee,” before I was dragged up and tossed into the shower and told to pee. I stood in the corner of the shower, cold and somewhat confused, but fuck it, I had to pee so I simply let it trickle down my legs into the shower. Now, Sir is not a fan of watersports, part of what fueled my confusion. This confusion was made even worse when he made me kneel and then proceeded to pee ON me. Of course, I was much too drunk for any of this to register completely, so I simply sat there feeling like a whore.

He made me wash myself off before pulling me out of the shower. I’m not entirely sure what happened next, but at some point there was lots of growling, biting and grappling. At one point he pulled out his whip and proceeded to go at me with it. We found out the next day that he broke skin in several places (woopsiedoodle)! I would like to note, throughout all of this, he was completely sober and pretty much laughing at the drunken mess I was. I guess he thought it would be a fun idea to give me something to hit him with (in this case a makeshift rope flogger). Now, sober Tiffany would have shied away from this opportunity, as Sir uses it as an excuse to fuck me up whether I do or don’t fight back. However, drunk Tiffany is a dumbass and immediately tried to swing for his balls. The first hit connected with his hand, the second with his chest (Sir is kind of wily for his size), and the third: jackpot. What happened next I would like to describe as 3-2-1-oh-fuck-what-I-have-done? No more than 1 second after my hit connected, I hear him growl, “So that’s how we’re going to fucking play”.

Before I know it he’s rushed me, slammed me against the wall, tossed me on the floor and proceeded to put his knee in  my back. I remember starting to cry almost instantly and could only sob “you are” in response to his question, “Whose in charge now?”

And end scene.

Literally. We were both very very fucked up.

Sir made me go downstairs and got me water. We found out then that I had 1) jammed his thumb (woopsiedoodle!), 2) left a GIANT welt on his chest, and 3) actually made contact with his balls (up until that point I thought he got angry for the mere threat of me trying to hit him there). From there I went from angry horny mess to sobbing pathetic drunk. Knowing that he had actually gotten injured because of me was much more than drunk Tiffany could handle and I proceeded to lose it. We went upstairs, Sir cuddled me until I effectively passed out and that’s about all I remember until the morning.

So let’s recap:

Daddy took me to dinner, got me drunk, made me do dirty things in public, choked me out and slapped me in public, humiliated me, peed on me, completely fucked me up playing (and got fucked up in the process), and cuddled me to sleep.

I’d like to think it was a good Thursday. ❤