Bootblacking 101  – How to Keep Your Leather Looking Awesome

The beginning of this class briefly touches on the history of the subject before diving right into tips, tricks, and technique. While boot play and boot blacking often go hand-in-hand, this class will only focus on the technical aspects of the art.  The demonstration for the class will be on a pair of hard-shine boots, but oil tans and other leathers will also be discussed.  Since this is a hands on class, anyone interested to try out their skills is encouraged to bring saddle soap, a dauber brush, buffing brush, a soft cloth, and boots (it’s even better if they’re still attached to a person!).

Bootblacking 201  – Beyond the Polish (Erotic Bootblacking)

So you’ve got the basics. Now to make it more fun.  This class delves into different ways to bring a more erotic flair to your boot blacking scene.  From new “places” to store your polish to the many alternative uses of boot grease. Teeth to toes, nothing is safe here. We focus less on technique and more on connecting with your partner. This class is not very hands on, but participation is welcome.   Come prepared to get messy.

Extreme Bottoming

The basics that you need to know in order to begin exploring heavier, more risky themes with your play. Together, they will discuss what exactly heavier play entails, how to negotiate these sorts of scenes, and how to keep you and your partner as safe as you can.

Pressure Points 101 & 201 (taught w/ usernamejeremy)

This class is for anyone wanting to learn about Pressure Points.  The class will be interactive and those participating will be encouraged to practice the techniques demonstrated.  This class will be geared towards a more novice crowd, however, those with prior experience and knowledge are encouraged to come and enjoy the class and hopefully learn something or be able to practice their skills.

When Edge Play Goes Wrong (taught w/ usernamejeremy)

Description Coming

Lying Under the Sole (Boot Play from the bottom)

((This post inspired me to create an entire class dedicated to exploring the orgasmic energy that is boot play. ))

There is something primal and definite about being under someone’s boot. In this class we explore the energy, power struggle, and psychology of submission that comes with boot play. From boot worship and licking all the way down to impact play and basic care. We will touch on all of the themes that make this type of play so damn hot!

Come here little girl, there’s candy in my pants… and things you shouldn’t kink

Taboos? Oh no! We can’t have any of that. Maybe I want my “puppy” to fuck me in his gear. Or perhaps I just want to bounce “babygirl” on my lap a while longer. In this class we’re shattering all of the social norms and throwing decency out the window to talk about those deep, humiliating urges that each of us has from time to time… to time. Role play gets more real than ever and not creeping far behind that realism are the “I’m a bad person” feelings. In the same way that we learn to accept our regular sadomasochistic desires, we will also discuss accepting the more taboo ones.

Unleashing the Animal

Bring out your canines and whip out the claws. We’re going back to the days when clubs and cavemen were the norm.

What happens when we’re pushed to the edge? Our nerves raw, our senses heightened — when our logic goes out the window and the animal side of our natures comes out. Instead of suppressing our “fight” response this class gives you the tools to embrace it and use it to enhance and direct your scenes. Come prepared to move and interact!