As I lay my soul bare on the altar of your wrath

I won’t beg for mercy or redemption

I want to feel the full force of your fury directed at me, consuming me until there’s nothing left

I want to feel your teeth at my throat, bearing into my flesh as blood pounds through my veins in time with my mounting agony

I want to feel your hands in my hair, keeping me still and in place: victim to your pleasure

When my body grows weak and my mind begins to go, I want you to take me

Sex, pain, love, hate, passion, oblivion all building to a crescendo

But, I don’t want release

You see, I want you to use me and toss me aside like an animal done with its prey

And when I’m laying there discarded, alone and in heat, my body will quiver and my thighs will shake from the mounting tide of worthlessness

And then I’ll cum for you

Not because you touched me or because you even said the word

Simply because I am yours to do with as you wish

Nothing more

And that alone is enough to send me into ecstasy.


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